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Pokemon Best Wishes: Fossil Revival! Ancient Mysterious Bird Archeos!!

A quick diversion from the maniraptor feathers series (which will be continued shortly).

As those of you who are Pokemon fans know, in the newest generation of Pokemon (Generation V), there are two Pokemon out there based on basal paravians, Archen and Archeops. (I know that "Pokemon" needs an accent mark in it. But I'm only a pedant when it comes to dinosaurs.)
Art by Ken Sugimori, from Bulbapedia.

Art by Ken Sugimori, from Bulbapedia.

I could do without the lizard heads, but they're pretty cool Pokemon. There've been plenty of Pokemon based on modern maniraptors, but the fact that we finally have some deinonychosaurs/archaeopterygids is great.

It so happens that these Pokemon were recently featured in an episode of the Pokemon anime. It can be watched here. Warning: there will be spoilers ahead for episodes that haven't been aired in English.

The episode just starts out of nowhere and we're immediately shown a Plume Fossil.

Fennel is very excited about resurrecting the fossil... I'd probably be pretty excited as well, especially given the fact we don't live in a world where you can just hand a scientist a fragmentary fossil and he or she can revive it for you in a matter of seconds.

They resurrect the fossil by hooking Musharna up to a machine. Okay...

It lives!

It's quite hyper and immediately goes around attacking people and running into stuff.

It also leaves behind some prehistoric seeds that were resurrected alongside it.

What an un-maniraptoran sleeping posture.

It uses Screech!

Which somehow causes the seeds to grow...!?

A few problems though. First, it evidently doesn't like modern Pokemon food.

Second, it's not much of a flier. Which is Truth In Television. (To be perfectly realistic, it probably wouldn't be able to get off the ground at all by flapping. But this is Pokemon.)

It can do WAIR (Wing-Assisted Incline Running) though! Neat.

Ash decides to help it out by sending forth fellow paravian Tranquill.

Watch and learn, inferior maniraptor with only incipient flight adaptations.

Iris also helps by sending out her flying synapsid. (No, really. It can actually fly. This is Pokemon.)

Emolga is more interested in trying out Attract though. Just in case she needs to steal apples from this thing in the future.

It... doesn't work. Looks like Archen is also female.

Fluffy mammal, nom nom.

Emolga is not amused. Volt Switch!

It malfunctions as usual, sending out Cilan's Stunfisk.

Emolga gets to spend the rest of the episode lazing around in a tree. Just the way she likes it.


Pancake fish, nom nom.

Too bad it happens to be an electric fish.

With help, Archen is making progress with her flying lessons.

Meanwhile, Archen's screeches throughout the episode have really made an impact on the plant's growth.

It even bears fruit!

These Archen does like to eat.

And when she needs more, she can just give a shout.

All of a sudden... (New evolution animation, w00t!)


It flies!

But then...

Team Rocket! Dun dun dun.

They decide to attack the plant... for reasons, I guess.

Everybody attack! (Funny that Fennel is being more proactive than the main characters who aren't named Ash.)

Team Rocket goes blasting off- Wait, this is the Best Wishes series. Team Rocket is actually competent.

Ash has Roggenrola and Oshawott deal with the ghost... fire... energy... stuff enveloping the building.

Good thing Archeops isn't a pushover. It removes the net with Dragon Breath.

Team Rocket retreats. (They don't blast off anymore.)

Unfortunately, the heroes couldn't save the plant, meaning Archeops's food source is gone.


Wait a minute, what? Aren't they supposed to be extinct? Didn't you make a big deal out of resurrecting one? Never mind...

So Archeops goes off to join her own kind, who presumably know how to survive in the wild in present day. (To be honest, part of me was hoping that someone would catch Archeops. But considering that Ash in particular is overloaded with Pokemon at the moment to begin with...)

Not bad for a Pokemon episode overall, in spite of some very strange plot devices.

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