What is Raptormaniacs?
An attempt at a web comic featuring maniraptors. They express whatever funny or unfunny jokes that turn up inside my head, parody songs, and occasionally provide a few legitimate scientific facts.

In addition, there is a Tumblr side-blog where readers can ask the main characters questions.

What's a maniraptor?
Skull will explain everything. Alternatively, you could go to Wikipedia, which is more formal and gets updated more frequently.

Why do you say "maniraptor" instead of the more commonly-used "maniraptoran"?
Same reason I say "troodont" instead of "troodontid". Out of habit. Really, that's the only reason.

Who and what are all the characters?
This might help you out.

How often do you update?
Whenever I want to.

Do you draw anything else?
Raptormaniacs is but a side project of mine. Most of my other drawings can be found at my DeviantART. Nonetheless, most of those feature maniraptors, but on occasion I do draw other dinosaurs, or even other types of animals. I also put up monthly dinosaur news in my journal there.