Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bristol Zoo Part V: Islands and Aviaries

The center of the Bristol Zoo is a large lake with several islands, upon which live various primates, such as these agile gibbons.

The lake also feeds into a pool for North American river otters.

A walkthrough aviary found near the lake is the Forest of Birds, mostly featuring tropical birds from Southeast Asia. This is a Mindanao bleeding heart dove. The lighting in the aviary is rather poor, though, to be fair, that is appropriate for a tropical forest setting.

A closely related species, the Luzon bleeding heart dove.

Pied imperial pigeons, Asian glossy starlings, and Java sparrows.

Not one of the captive birds in the aviary, but a wild European robin found on zoo grounds. Though a common sight here, this is a lifer for me.

Some maras, which are what happen when a rodent tries to be a hare.

A Palawan peacock pheasant.

A Sumatran laughing thrush.

These macaw plushies in the gift store have correctly zygodactyl feet.

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