Thursday, April 20, 2017

London Zoo Part V: Reptile House

The last set of my photos from London Zoo (for the time being) come from its reptile house. Here is a king cobra, one of the largest venomous snakes.

A yellow-headed water monitor.

The Annam leaf turtle exhibit had a very interesting design, a stark presentation of some of the threats that this species is facing.

An Utila spiny-tailed iguana, another reptile critically endangered by hunting.

A collared tree lizard.

A Rio Fuerte beaded lizard, formerly considered a subspecies of the Mexican beaded lizard.

A Fiji banded iguana, a species with a lovely color palette.

Some Feae's flying frogs. I imagine they don't get to showcase the "flying" part much in this exhibit.

"Jeff Corwin can hear it, and so can Sir David Attenborough..."

A Philippine crocodile.

A puff adder (the original, not just any species of Bitis).

A Jamaican boa.

A gidgee skink, a sociable Australian lizard, as indicated by the accompanying sigaage.

The White's tree frog exhibit is decorated to reflect one of the habitats wild specimens are commonly found in.

A Sardinian brook salamander.

A black mamba, widely considered to be the fastest snake in the world.


  1. Did you see the Aardvark?
    They are in the Children's Zoo, having access to both indoor and outdoor enclosures.

    1. I had to miss out on them, unfortunately. I hope to go again though; I'll try to see them then!

    2. Lemme guess.
      The other people were too tired.

    3. Haha! This trip didn't have any other people; I just ran out of time.