Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ostrom and the Dinosaur Style Meme

Oh man, it's been years since I said I'd do this! That is probably for the better, as this meme is easier to fill out using digital art.

The original blank meme is by Pred-Adopts.

I went with Ostrom for this one. One of my self-imposed rules was that I'd base each style off the closest relative of Deinonychus I could find that was present in each work.

Personal - Not much to say here!

Jurassic Park - Considering that the Jurassic Park dromaeosaurids are based on Deinonychus, this was a no-brainer. If I haven't been amply convinced that Jurassic Park dromaeosaurids look hideous, drawing this certainly did it. (That's not intended as a slight on Jurassic Park as a movie, which I enjoy.)

Chibi - You want cute? I'll give you cute. This one was quick, as I wasn't bound to the style of a specific work.

Fantasia - This one is interesting. Fantasia came out long before dromaeosaurids had seeped into popular culture; in fact, Deinonychus had not even been discovered then. I wondered if I should base this one on the generic-looking small theropod present, but then I saw that there were a few shots of what is evidently intended to be a protobird in the short. As expected for the time, it's more lizard-like than dinosaur-like, but close enough.

The Flintstones - Found as many bird pictures from this show as I could and made the best of it. Cartoon bird ankles working like knees, ick. I referenced Dino for some of Ostrom's more stereotypically dinosaurian traits such as the long tail.

We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story - I wondered if I would have to use that goofy-looking tyrannosaurid, then I remembered all the talk about the crows in this film and it was all good.

Another DeviantArtist's style - This was hard. Most of the paleoartists on here who I look up to have styles that are too detailed for me to imitate well. Fortunately, there was a clear solution. I went with StygimolochSpinifer, the master of striking the balance between simplicity and accuracy, bar none. As a matter of fact, his newer works strike that balance so well that they were still nearly impossible for me to mimic; this one is based on his older stuff from Ask a Velociraptor. I haven't come close to doing justice to his style here, so go watch him if you haven't already.

Disney's Dinosaur - Whatever this movie's other faults, these are some of the least hideous scaly dromaeosaurids I've seen, at least. They could almost pass off as hypothetical real dinosaurs. Almost.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - Based off the Archaeopteryx that has a quick scene, naturally. Lots of typical tropes from lack of understanding of protobirds, including a scaly face, wristwings, and sparkleraptor coloration.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - I was so relieved to see an Archaeopteryx on the poster for this game that I forgot to look up whether there were any dromaeosaurids in it. I can only stand drawing so many scaly dromaeosaurids, after all. Not that more typical protobird paleoart tropes aren't just marginally better.

The Land Before Time - I had to turn to one of the dreaded sequels for this one to find a eudromaeosaur. (I've read that another one of the sequels actually has a feathered dromaeosaurid, but it's a microraptorine so it's less closely related.) Rather hideous, all lumpy and rubbery-looking.

Another artist's style - I momentarily considered turning Ostrom into a My Little Maniraptor (though under my own rules I'd have had to base him on a bird from that show rather than a pony) for this one, but I remembered that I hadn't had the chance to use Archeops back when I did the avian style meme (which had a Pokémon slot), so I figured I'd fix that.