Friday, April 1, 2022

Delays and Updates

I should know by now that announcing one's plans almost guarantees that they won't happen, but here we are. I'd mentioned that I'd already decided on what to write for the annual April 1st post this year; however, the way things have transpired, other projects and events have demanded enough of my attention to prevent me from writing it. Maybe I'll write it up within the next month, or (arguably more likely) maybe I'll save it for next year... we'll see. In the meantime, perhaps you can consider the Story of Perrine review a retroactive make-up post for today.

Most of the projects that I've been working on instead are not at a stage where they can be discussed in detail. However, one major announcement I can make is that within the last two weeks, both my labmate Juan Benito Moreno and I passed our PhD vivas (with no corrections requested of either of us), making us the first PhDs to fledge from the Field Palaeobiology Research Group. I suppose I really am Dr. Claw now...