Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tumblr Roundup 9/5/13

This marks the first time I've done one of these posts without having answered all the questions currently in my inbox. This is in part due to me having a busy week, but it's also because I've been receiving more questions than before, including some that may take more time to answer than usual.

-Thoughts on shrink-wrapping and bubble-wrapping dinosaurs.
-What does Savape think of human babies?
-Does Ebeff like peanut butter?
-Thoughts on cassowaries.
-Does Zahavi like waffles?
-Savape tells a story.
-Are there other maniraptors at the museum?
-Does Skull like penguins?
-Has Ostrom met any whales?
-What does Remex think of Predatory Dinosaurs of the World?
-Thoughts on ornithomimosaurs.
-Have the characters met any ravens?
-Greeting Ssaartje.
-Zahavi is asked to do something.
-What if the characters were superheroes?
-Does Savape like porcupines or armadillos?
-Have any of the characters been to Japan?
-Have the characters met any stegosaurids?
-If the characters each got to meet their favorite person, who would said person be?
-Have the characters dealt with bats?
-Have the characters encountered domestic cats?
-Has Savape caught any pigs?
-Have the characters had problems with being preyed on by ceratopsians?
-Thoughts on spinosaurids.
-Have the characters met any proboscideans?
-Thoughts on sloths.
-Have the characters directly encountered pretty human females?
-Can the characters talk to humans in-universe?
-Has Savape caught any humans?
-Is Ebeff not very bright?
-Do the characters have favorite cartoons?
-Thoughts on dogs.
-Thoughts on dolphins.

I have a feeling that there's a high interest in how the Raptormaniacs cast interact with other species in the museum.