Friday, June 4, 2010

Hard Work

My conversations with classmates typically fall into four distinct categories.

1) The Pre Test Conversation, for example:
Classmate: Is there a test today?
Me: Yeah.
Classmate: Are you ready?
Me: Yeah.


Classmate: Is there a test today?
Me: Yeah.
Classmate: Help me!!!

2) The Group Presentation Conversation, for example:
Classmate: Do you think we should put this in?
Me: Yeah, that looks good.


Me: -Working on Powerpoint-
Classmate: Help me learn how to hypnotize someone! (What???)*

3) The Casual Chat, for example:
Classmate: Do you like sports?
Me: No.


Classmate: Do you watch TV?
Me: No.

4) Frivolous Nonsense, for example:
Classmate: I was really pissed off today by the people sitting near me!
Me: Did you want to incinerate them?
Classmate: Yes! I'm glad someone understands me!


Classmate: -Creating something in Drafting and Designs class- This is a spaceship.
Me: It's a hydrogen bomb!
Classmate: IT'S NOT A BOMB!!!

The following is based on one of those Frivolous Nonsense types. (By the way, they generally only occur with one or two classmates. All three of these Frivolous Nonsense examples were conversations with the same person.)

Panel One
Skull: Lots of exhibits want to take over the museum.

Panel Two
Skull: But they don't work as hard as I do.

Panel Three
Skull: Only I try to take over the museum every day!

Panel Four
Ostrom: But...

Panel Five
Ostrom: If you try to take over the museum every day, shouldn't you have succeeded by now?

Panel Six
Skull: Shut up!

*Just for the record, I actually did help him look up tips on hypnosis using Google. He seems to have either forgotten about it or given up now, however.


  1. Those conversations were very funny~~

  2. Is it that he's given up... or do you just THINK he's given up, and really you've been hypnotized the whole time.

    I actually looked into that this one time. Turns out it's all suggestive, you can't hypnotize someone that doesn't believe they can be hypnotized in any way.

  3. Interesting suggestion. XD

    That is what I found as well.