Thursday, October 28, 2010

Puggles Part I

A puggle is an occasionally-used term for baby monotreme, by the way. It appears that it was originally used for baby echidnas, and some websites I've read say that since baby echidnas and platypuses don't look alike it's erroneous to use it for platypuses. But since echidnas appear to be essentially terrestrial platypuses, I'll use it either way.


  1. Really? Another biology term to add to the memory bank. Thanks!

    I've only heard of the "puggle" breed of dog. Probably not as adorable as a baby platypus though.

  2. A little bit of Googling says that there isn't actually an official term for baby platypuses, although platypup has been suggested.

    Puggle was used for baby echidnas, and I've come across websites saying that since echidna young and platypus young don't look much alike, using the term for platypuses is erroneous... but since echidnas are essentially terrestrial platypuses, I'm using it either way.

  3. I've edited the post for clarification.