Saturday, December 3, 2011

I get fanart!

No, I didn't believe it either. But really! Imagine my surprise when I found this in my messages on Deviant Art, titled "Raptormaniacs doodles".

For a moment I thought that someone else might have come up with another maniraptor-related project titled "Raptormaniacs" independently of mine. But when I clicked in to take a closer look, sure enough, those were my characters and there was a link to this blog in the artist's comments.

The piece of fanart itself is courtesy of Scott Potter, who goes by bOBsHMINKLE on Deviant Art. Fantastic work if I may say so myself, and not just because it's the first Raptormaniacs fanart I've ever seen. How good is it? The characters are almost exactly how I'd imagine them if they were drawn by a competent artist (in this case Scott). I'd be stoked to see Scott's renditions of the rest of the Raptormaniacs cast as well if he plans on doing them. Thanks and good job once again, Scott! I was already quite excited on the day I found this because I'd recently received a huge packet of papers on feathered dinosaurs through e-mail, but this was the icing on the cake.

Speaking of my comics, I know I haven't done any new ones for months, but I did give fair warning. Don't worry though, they're coming...


  1. And better yet, he drew "The Richard".

  2. I want to see how he would do Remex and Ebeff!