Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tumblr Roundup 5/29/14

Been a while since the last one!

-Does the comic Claming the Throne have permission to mention Raptormaniacs?
-Why would anyone not like Skull?
-Why does Skull keep going on about his plans if he knows he won't succeed?
-How does Skull know his plans won't ever succeed?
-Has Skull ever thought of assembling an army of insects to take over the museum?
-Where are the characters' coverts, primaries, and secondaries?
-If the characters had the chance to make a summer blockbuster, what would it be?
-Have the characters met any hesperornithines?
-Where have the characters been?
-Do the characters interact with the modern animals at the museum?
-Have the characters met any sauropods?
-Are there any mammaliaforms at the museum?
-If Savape causes so much damage, how does she avoid getting kicked out?
-Can the characters fly?
-Is Skull the only dinosaurian skull cast?
-Have the characters ever fallen sick?
-Does Remex like cheese?
-Is Zahavi familiar with the work of his namesake scientist?
-Have the characters dealt with young-Earth creationists?
-What would a visit to the Acme Museum be like for us?
-Will the museum ever give Skull a body?
-A plea for the characters to come back.
-Is there a Drinker in the museum?
-Does anyone try to sneak drugs and alcohol into the museum?
-The characters respond to chirping noises.
-Has Savape ever used a Swiss army knife?
-The characters respond to being called cute.
-Does Savape try to steal people's stuff?

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