Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tumblr Roundup 12/31/14

Been neglecting the site somewhat, but I can at least wrap things up for the year.

-Does Skull's appearance in the comic "Claiming the Throne" suggest he has had some success?
-What are the characters' greatest fears?
-Thoughts on Dinosaur Battlegrounds.
-Has Skull read the Evil Overlord List?
-Are there things Savape refuses to hunt?
-Greeting Ask-Drakos.
-Should Savape become a Jedi?
-Where did the "blob" from two asks ago come from?
-What does the museum do for Christmas?


  1. The Christmas comic is adorable! I see Savape's taking inspiration from the shrikes, too.

    1. Thanks! I rarely have time to come up with storylines for the holidays anymore, but that ask was a good excuse for me to do something.

  2. Seached for that comic, and I don't think skull did have success, he's just a skull.

    1. I'm under that impression as well. Either way, it's all inconsequential to the canon of this comic, much as I appreciate fan shout outs.