Sunday, January 4, 2015

Favorite Maniraptor of 2013 Results

Acheroraptor took the lead and Aurornis was runner-up! Not terrifically unpredictable. My personal choice was Piscivoravis, which didn't do badly for a Mesozoic euornithine that didn't get much press.

I'll put up a new maniraptors of 2014 poll at some point, but I figure a month will not make a big difference for a survey that runs for nearly a year, so I'm going to poll a different subject this time for a short while. Several readers have told me their favorite Raptormaniacs characters lately and the results are quite varied across the board, making me curious about overall preferences. In addition, the Tumblr has been running for a fair amount of time now and with the completion of last year's storyline, I feel that I have provided enough incipient characterization introduced for decisions to be made. I look forward to seeing/reading your responses.

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