Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bronx Zoo Part II: World of Birds

I was impressed by the bird collection at the Ueno Zoo, which I visited last year, but, to my delight, the one at the Bronx Zoo is at least as good on the whole, if not better. In fact, it had many of the same rare species I saw at the Ueno Zoo. I focused on taking pictures of species that I hadn't already seen, but rest assured that the selection is vastly greater than what I present here. Another interesting similarity with the Ueno Zoo was the style of exhibition in the bird house (known as World of Birds): many of the enclosures contain a large number of species and can be viewed from two different altitudes.

A blue dacnis, a slender-billed tanager.

A tawny frogmouth, a well-camouflaged nocturnal predatory bird from Australia.

A crimson-rumped toucanet.

A western capercaille, a large, impressive-looking grouse.

Some subpar shots of a common hoopoe.

Another rarely-seen Andean toucan, the plate-billed mountain toucan.

A white-tailed trogon (foreground) and Venezuelan troupial (background).

Some blue-headed macaws and a hyacinth macaw.

A calfbird, a strange-looking cotinga.

World of Birds on its own likely would have satisfied me with the Bronx's avian collection, but it was far from the only bird-heavy area of the zoo. Coming up next...

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