Saturday, February 20, 2010

Once Proud

Panel One
Skull: Sad, isn't it?

Panel Two
Skull: Once we were proud. On land, we ruled the small predatory guilds.
Skull: The trees, too, were ours, as bigger dinosaurs couldn't seek shelter in them.

Panel Three
Skull: But look at us now! We've been banished to the skies, only gaining footholds on the most remote of islands where few mammals tread! Or else sitting on display in museums, being forced to compete with show-stopping tyrannosaurids and sauropods!

Panel Four
Skull: Fear not, however, for my colleague and I are working hard to change this!

Panel Five
Ostrom: Is that your colleague?

Panel Six
Skull: Sad, isn't it?

No points for what Dinky and the Skull (as they're supposed to be known as) is a parody of.


  1. Good but skull is incorrect tyrannosaurids were semifast.......for short burst

  2. Show-stopping means popular, not slow. XD

  3. oh.......xxxxxxxxxdddddddddddd