Saturday, February 6, 2010

Raptormaniacs "Theme Song"

I originally wanted to create a blog to talk about interesting things about dinosaurs in general. However there are already many blogs that do that, most of them by paleontologists, or at least people who actually know what they're talking about. Instead, my blog will be the home of what will hopefully become a webcomic starring the "Raptormaniacs". Who are the Raptormaniacs?

Sung to the tune of the Animaniacs theme song*. If you aren't familiar with Animaniacs, go here. Listen to it a couple times. You'll catch on real quick. Trust me.

The three main singers are Deinonychus antirrhopus, Jinfengopteryx elegans, and Archaeopteryx lithographica. Other dinosaurs here are (in order of appearance): Passer domesticus, Albertonykus borealis, Caudipteryx zoui, Therizinosaurus cheloniformis, and the skull of Tsaagan mangas.

I'm not sure how difficult my writing is to read. No doubt it's probably a tad small. So, here are the lyrics.

It's time for Raptormaniacs**,
In some of us our teeth do lack.
Smaller prey we do attack,
On plants we also snack,
We're Raptormaniacs!

We have got feathered wings that can grow to be real long,
'Cept alvarezsaurids, but theirs are still quite strong.***
With our semilunate carpals we can tuck our arms away.
Just be your best,
Don't touch our nests,
Or else you're gonna pay!

We're Raptormaniacs,
We can run up trees real fast.
Our variety is vast
And not just fossil casts,
We're Raptormaniacs!

Some of us can swoop and fly to help them get around,
Others think that things are better going back down to the ground;
We need agility and speed because predators abound.
With killing claws
And toothy jaws
We prowl where food is found.

We're Raptormaniacs,
We're survivors to the max.
We went to H**l and back
When a space rock left a crack.
We're Raptorman-y,
They say we're brainy,
Paul, Gregory,
Those are the facts.

*Animaniacs and all related elements, including the Animaniacs theme song, are property of Warner Bros. The drawing and parody lyrics are mine, though.
**Here "raptor" means maniraptor, not deinonychosaur or hypercarnivorous bird.
***Maniraptor forelimb reduction is also found in many flightless birds, and to a lesser degree troodonts and some oviraptorosaurs. However, none of these have the strangely powerful forelimbs alvarezsaurids did.


  1. I was wondering when you were going to have a blog! Nice!! Love the Animaniac parody!!! Hilarious!! I feel nostalgic! *laughs*

  2. I'm glad you liked the parody, Raptor Lewis. Thanks!

  3. You're welcome! I LOVE this theropod group AND I loved the Animaniacs! Talk about quality cartooning!

  4. In that case, they're a good combination!

  5. Another thing we agree upon!! lol! :)