Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fossil Preservation

Panel One
Ostrom: Savape, what are you doing?
Savape: Thinking of the cruelest way to kill something.

Panel Two
Savape: Imagine choking on volcanic gas...
Ostrom: Zahavi, put that volcano away!

Panel Three
Savape: Drowning and sinking to the bottom of a lake...
Ostrom: Um, what just fell in the lake?

Panel Four
Savape: Being flattened by geologic forces, limbs twisted in gorsteque positions...

Panel Five
Savape: Bones, tissues, stomach contents, color pigments, and integument... All preserved on a slab of rock!
Ostrom: Zahavi, come back to life at once!

Panel Six
Ostrom: Um, no, I don't think that's possible.
Savape: You're right, let's think of something else.

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