Sunday, March 28, 2010

Guest: Cerebavis

This is a continuation of the Dinky and the Skull one.

Panel One
Cerebavis: I beg to differ.
Cerebavis: It's possible to call a show Dinky and the Brain without resorting to non maniraptors.

Panel Two
Savape: Who are you?
Cerebavis: I am Cerebavis.

Panel Three
Cerebavis: My name means "brain bird". That's because I'm only known from the imprint of my brain.
Savape: That's all very well, but are you going to be a recurring character?

Panel Four
Cerebavis: No, I'm only a guest.
Savape: So can I grab a weapon from hammerspace and pulverize you?

Panel Five
Zahavi: Beat you to it!

Panel Six
Ostrom: Was that necessary?
Zahavi and Savape: Yes.

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