Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tumblr Roundup 12/31/2015

I really dropped the ball on linking back to the Tumblr here. I've been answering questions sporadically this year and have been waiting for enough posts to accumulate before making a roundup post, but I swear I didn't plan for the waiting to go on until the end of the year.

-Have the characters met any ichthyornithines?
-Thoughts on gorgonopsids.
-Are there any retrosaurs in the museum?
-Dinky is dared to catch an insect in front of Savape.
-Can Zahavi reduce his forelimbs into a vestigial form?
-Does the museum have a Yi yet?
-What does Remex think Godzilla would be if the kaiju was a real creature?
-What does Savape do when she's bored, aside from killing?
-What are the characters' favorite "pokemans"?
-Thoughts on TetZoo Time.
-What does it feel like to be turned into a fossil?
-Thoughts on lions, tigers, and jaguars.
-Does Savape think of herself as evil?
-Does Skull have a soul?
-Who would win in a fight between Ebeff and a clone of Ebeff?
-Has Savape ever taken on a megalodon?
-Thoughts on the new Spinosaurus restoration.
-Can Zahavi ride a giant Phidippus audax while herding mealworm beetles while talking with telepathy while Savape destroys army ants?
-Thoughts on gorillas.
-Any word on Velociraptor?

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  1. Haha, I love the post about Ebeff and gorillas and the aquatic ape theory.