Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tumblr Roundup 4/7/2016 (Dinosaur March Madness Edition)

Over the past month, Meg Dickson's A Dinosaur A Day has been hosting Dinosaur March Madness to figure out the most popular dinosaurs among her readership. I took the chance to come out of hibernation intermittently to answer questions and have the Raptormaniacs characters comment on the proceedings. The commentary is included in the links below.

-Commentary on Game One.
-Commentary on Game Two.
-Commentary on Game Three.
-Commentary on Game Thirty-One.
-What does Savape's mother think of her cruelty?
-Where are all the non-theropod dinosaurs?
-What tourist destinations are there in the city?
-Does the museum have a Spinosaurus?
-Skull comments on Palaeofail's choice of favorite dromaeosaurid.
-Commentary on results of Round Three.
-Does Zahavi have a power origin story?
-Thoughts on Utahraptor.
-Does the museum have a Yutyrannus?
-Thoughts on Hyracotherium.
-Is there a Microraptor in the museum?
-Commentary on overall results of Dinosaur March Madness.


  1. I just saw your most recent tumblr posts. I would love to see a blog where one of your characters watches anime!

    1. It would be fun! But it would also require me to start watching some (and despite that one post, I'm not a regular follower of the Pokémon anime).