Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Little Raptormaniacs Page III

There are the pastel-colored dinosaurs you've been waiting for! Discord was too fun a character to not use in this story, even if only as a plot device. I had intended him to serve in this role ever since the initial conception of the storyline, so I was glad to see canonical confirmation that he was capable of accessing other dimensions. By the way, he's right to advise small dinosaurs not to walk behind sauropods.

In general, any references here to past events in MLP are meant to contextualize the story for other people who have watched the show and are not plot-essential. This page should be the most reference-heavy in the entire storyline, but I'm happy to answer questions if anyone is feeling lost.

If any MLP fans stumbled across this without prior knowledge of My Little Maniraptor and are wondering why Applejack doesn't have a show-accurate cutie mark, I explain it all here.

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