Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Little Raptormaniacs Page IV

There was meant to be a sign explaining the K-Pg extinction in the background of the panel in which Remex talks about it, but there ended up being no room for it. I had to cut it out reluctantly, as it was one of the few times the museum setting is actually prominently depicted in this comic. In other news, this page also provides an initial sense of scale among the characters of this arc. My Little Maniraptors are not too little compared to some other maniraptors, even though they would be considered small animals by a human.

An unintentional callback I now recognize in hindsight is that Remex appears to have learned from experience with Zahavi.

Bonus: Why the K-Pg extinction will never occur in My Little Maniraptor. (For those unaware, Celestia controls the sun.)

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