Friday, September 16, 2016

My Little Raptormaniacs Page XVI

The explanation I had in my mind for how Remex can speak with a piece of paper in his mouth was that closed-mouth vocalizations are common in archosaurs, but it could equally be explained by the same cartoon logic that allows Skull to speak at all.

Rainbow Dash can canonically support at least four other similarly-sized ponies in flight. My Little Maniraptors are meant to be slightly smaller than the largest specimens of Velociraptor, so the combined weight of Ostrom and Skull is plausibly in or just above the ballpark of a four-fold increase in Rainbow's mass. She's a little winded afterward, though. I had Fluttershy assist her in early drafts of the story, but I couldn't find a good opportunity to have Fluttershy exit the mech without throwing off the timing of the narrative. Rainbow's grasping feet are artistic license, as I expound on here.

Additionally, goal achieved.

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