Friday, September 2, 2016

My Little Raptormaniacs Page V

Did you really think that this post was only a joke?

Besides Skull, Dinky probably would be the most unusual of the main cast from the perspective of sapient maniraptors from the Mesozoic. A euornithine whose size and spatial ecology are more typical of an enantiornithine? Sounds wrong. At least he's a granivore.


  1. Did you mean for Dinky & Skull to remind me of Pinky & The Brain? I figured so, but wanted to make sure. Too bad Dinky doesn't shout "CHIRP!" at random times. ;)

    1. Yes, they've always been inspired by Pinky and the Brain!

    2. Are any of your other characters inspired by Animaniacs? Either way, now I wanna see an Animaniacs/MLP crossover.

    3. The entire comic was inspired by Animaniacs, but Dinky and the Skull are the most directly based on characters from the original show.

  2. "The entire comic was inspired by Animaniacs,"

    That part I knew. I was just wondering whether any other Raptormaniacs characters were inspired by specific Animaniacs characters.