Sunday, September 11, 2016

My Little Raptormaniacs Page XIII

Applejack had that rope under her hat the whole time. Obviously.

I had to have Rarity do something at least somewhat cool, as I felt she ended up drawing the short straw for this plot. That's a shame, as even though she's not my favorite MLP character, she's probably the most interesting main character as far as characterization goes, which is not at all apparent in this story. In my defense, there are thirteen major characters in this arc, give or take a few. That's comparable to the number of major players in Captain America: Civil War, and this is a comic with less than twenty pages rather than a two-hour movie. In any case, it has been noted by others that in the show, Rarity almost always resorts to physical means of combat on the rare occasion that fighting is called for, despite being a magical unicorn. That's pretty cool in itself, but have you seen her multitask? Her telekinesis would be quite potent were she ever inclined to use it violently.

Yes, I confess the "Twilight as a glorified battery" plot point was an excuse to keep her out of the main action. Twilight is my favorite character, but she gets enough heroic moments in the original show.

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