Friday, November 11, 2016

Bristol Zoo Part IV: Seal and Penguin Coasts and Zona Brazil

Onward through the Bristol Zoo is Monkey Jungle. I think it has monkeys or something, but I was distracted looking at the xenarthrans. Here a six-banded armadillo tucks in to some salad.

Seal and Penguin Coasts is also self-explanatory. For obvious reasons, the titular animals are not kept in the same enclosures. The penguins (of the black-footed variety) are up first.

Tubes are available to them as nesting sites.

The penguins live in a walk-in aviary with some other seabirds, including these common eiders.

There is also a flock of Inca terns.

Next up are the South American fur seals. Here is one chilling on a rock.

Two others having an argument.

The path slopes downward at this point, taking visitors to underwater viewing areas for the fur seals and penguins. Additionally, there are some small aquariums set along the path in this area. Here is one with pot-bellied seahorses.

A fellow syngnathiform, a greater pipefish.

Zona Brazil houses a variety of South American species. Many of the usual suspects are present, including this capybara.

Some wonga pigeons, which are Australian rather than South American.


  1. What are your zoo plans for next year?
    I am working on my list!

    1. Impressive. I rarely plan zoo trips that far in advance. I mainly visit them as opportunities arise. I would like to go to London Zoo again sometime though.

  2. I mean planning to see species in certain collecctions.