Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bristol Zoo Part V: Islands and Aviaries

The center of the Bristol Zoo is a large lake with several islands, upon which live various primates, such as these agile gibbons.

The lake also feeds into a pool for North American river otters.

A walkthrough aviary found near the lake is the Forest of Birds, mostly featuring tropical birds from Southeast Asia. This is a Mindanao bleeding heart dove. The lighting in the aviary is rather poor, though, to be fair, that is appropriate for a tropical forest setting.

A closely related species, the Luzon bleeding heart dove.

Pied imperial pigeons, Asian glossy starlings, and Java sparrows.

Not one of the captive birds in the aviary, but a wild European robin found on zoo grounds. Though a common sight here, this is a lifer for me.

Some maras, which are what happen when a rodent tries to be a hare.

A Palawan peacock pheasant.

A Sumatran laughing thrush.

These macaw plushies in the gift store have correctly zygodactyl feet.


  1. I've been to Bristol Zoo as well. Quite good.
    Also; in Part I, I have a feeling you missed the kea parrots, somewhat between Red Panda and Lions.
    Plus, just primates and marsupials in Twilight World? There are also rats, mouse deer and reptiles. (I failed to find the Kowari, Lucky You!)
    They also have others, but since this was my 1st zoo in 2017, I forgot most of them.. Check here for a complete inventory;

    1. Naturally, my zoo trip reports are biased in favor of animals I was able to see and photograph, not intended to be exhaustive lists of the species housed at specific institutions. (That's a helpful website though, thanks for the link!)

      I remember seeing the kea exhibit on this trip, but they either chose not to show themselves or were uncooperative as subjects of photography. I have been able to get better photos of them on subsequent trips.

      I do mention a few other species in Twilight World other than the primates and marsupials, including the yellow mongoose and Malagasy jumping rat.