Saturday, October 27, 2012

National Zoo Redux Part V: Invertebrates

Triceratops statue!

A bit further down the road is the lemur exhibit. Some turtles live in the moat surrounding it.

The ring-tailed lemurs themselves. (There are also red-fronted lemurs in the exhibit, but I didn't see them.)

I made my way behind the Reptile Discovery Center to an invertebrate house, which I'd overlooked the first time. These are giant clams.

A sea anemone I don't know the species of.

Some tube anemones.

A land crab. Though it spends much of its time on land, it periodically returns to the water to moisten its gills.

A giant river prawn. Check out those long blue chelipeds!

A slipper lobster. Unable to swim by flipping their tails the way many other crustaceans do, these rely on other methods, such as their heavy armor, to defend themselves from attack.

A blue crab, a species of great commercial importance along the Atlantic coast.

Some nautiluses.

An emperor scorpion.

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