Monday, October 8, 2012

Taipei Zoo Part V: Bird World

A large portion of the Taipei Zoo's birds are housed in an area of the zoo called Bird World. A good chunk of it was closed for renovation when I went there, and it has reportedly been that way for a couple of years now.

Of the exhibits I did get to see, here's one with a marabou stork, a large stork that feeds mostly on carrion but will eat live prey when it can catch them and is allegedly capable of killing children.

A white stork.

A heavily obscured toco toucan. Trust me, it's there!

A somewhat obscured Victoria crowned pigeon.

A gray junglefowl.

A really blurry photo of a jungle crow, no thanks to the wire mesh getting in the way. I've gotten slightly better at photographing through mesh, as will be shown in some of my more recent zoo trips.

A bird of paradise. Though I have vague recollections of seeing some on my first trip to the San Diego Zoo, I can't remember having seen any since, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Some flamingos.

A hooded crane.

A sarus crane.

A white-naped crane. Having all those cranes standing with their beaks quite close to eye level was a little unnerving to say the least.

There was a small indoors area with viewing windows for the theropods' answer to monkeys (i.e.: dinosauroids parrots). These are blue and gold macaws.

I think this is a military macaw.

A green-winged macaw.

Some palm cockatoos. During courtship, males of this species make drumming noises by beating sticks against dead trees.

A green junglefowl.

Another Nicobar pigeon.

What I think is a red junglefowl, the wild ancestor of the domestic chicken.

A failed photograph of a Formosan blue magpie, a very striking corvid endemic to Taiwan.

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