Saturday, October 6, 2012

Taipei Zoo Part III: Asian Rainforest Animals

The area just outside the nocturnal house at the Taipei Zoo is centered around Asian tropical rainforest animals.

So what is a pygmy hippo doing here? Turns out their exhibit was being renovated when I visited, so they'd been temporarily moved to this area.

A crab-eating mongoose in its hideout.

Two macaque species were exhibited next to each other on "monkey island" style exhibits. This one is a pig-tailed macaque.

And I think here's a crab-eating macaque.

A sacred ibis, which I think is actually from Africa. Didn't see an excuse for this one.

Some Nicobar pigeons.

An orangutan.

A Malayan tapir.

The tapir shared its exhibit with muntjac and black swans (the latter are from Australia, not Asia).

A python.

A leopard.

A sun bear. The smallest of all living bears, but reportedly quite aggressive.

Some Asian elephants.

A great Indian hornbill. Quite a magnificent theropod.

A tomistoma or false gharial. My first tomistoma! Unlike true gharials, tomistoma are known to prey on fairly large animals, including deer and humans.

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