Monday, August 10, 2015

Coming Soon: Triassic Park

The rest of this story arc will not be in color, but it wouldn't have been a Jurassic Park parody without the signature colors. This year being the release of Jurassic World, I feel it's time to unveil this storyline next. As I came up with the main structure of the narrative years back, however, the story will primarily reference the first Jurassic Park, not Jurassic World.

This arc was initially meant to kick off with an opening song, set to the tune of the Jurassic Park theme, mainly an excuse for me to draw some strange Triassic critters that wouldn't actually feature in the plot itself. My recently finished chart of vertebrate evolution has given me my fill of Triassic beasts though, so we'll dive right into the actual story in the next post.

The Saurosuchus skeleton was referenced from Benton's 1984 article "Rauisuchians and the success of dinosaurs".

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