Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Triassic Park Page IX

This parodies the song "Chaos" from the entertaining fanmade Jurassic Park Musical.

Likely didn't expect a TetZoo Time character revelation on Raptormaniacs, did you? King Preter thinks that "ephemeral" means "difficult to see". (TetZoo Time exists as a comic in the Raptormaniacs universe; it's not that contrived.)

CAMP stands for Central Atlantic Magmatic Province, a giant volcanic region associated with the breakup of Pangaea and the end-Triassic extinction. Signor-Lipps effect describes the phenomenon that the fossil record is generally not complete enough for us to ascertain to full temporal range of a taxon, which, among other things, can make mass extinction events appear more gradual than they really were.

I have tried something new for this one: a recorded demo of the song parody. There is no musical accompaniment, but I hope it is helpful to readers who are unfamiliar with the song and/or cannot get the lyrics to fit. It's only me singing in my own voice and should not be taken to indicate the canon voices of my characters. I do not usually pronounce "Ostrom" the way I do in the song; I appear to have subconsciously changed it to something I found easier to sing.


  1. Totally awesome! And I learned a few things about extinctions from the explanatory text.

    So Peters/Preter describes his frilly boneless pterosaur embryos (read: JPG artifacts) as "ephemeral"?

    1. I can't remember if "ephemeral" was applied to the embryos, but it's not difficult to find his other uses of the term (if one wishes to go down that rabbit hole).