Thursday, August 13, 2015

Triassic Park Page III

As most if not all paleoartists can attest, researching paleobotany for artwork typically sucks. You can see here that I didn't even try. However, on a more serious note, I recommend the "Botany for Paleoartists" series by Maija Karala at her blog Humming Dinosaurs and Nature's Other Small Wonders for all your paleobotanical needs and the in-development Hell Creek simulator game Saurian sets a great example in doing things right.

In my original plans for this story, I had a scene where Ostrom showed the others a nursery where the Triassic animals were being reared from eggs. Savape would eat one of the hatchlings and declare, "Death finds a way." I ended up scrapping it because Triassic Park has a fundamentally different setting from Jurassic Park (a museum as opposed to a biological preserve).

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