Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guests: Haplocheirus and Xixianykus

Panel One
Remex: It's time for another guest comic.

Panel Two
Remex: Meet new alvarezsauroids Haplocheirus and Xixianykus.

Panel Three
Haplocheirus: 2010 has been very kind to us alvarezsauroids so far.
Xixianykus: If you ask me we need more recognition.

Panel Four
Remex: Come to think of it, there's something similar going on with oviraptorosaurs. With Banji and Luoyanggia...
Xixianykus: Technically, Luoyanggia is from 2009...

Panel Six
Remex: What was that for?
Ebeff: Alvarezsauroids are eumaniraptors, right?

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