Friday, April 2, 2010

Shock Horror a Non Maniraptor!

I'm now drawing these comics faster than I post them - in some ways a good thing, but I better pick up the pace.

Panel One
Ostrom: Gasp! A Tenontosaurus! Non maniraptor alert!

Panel Two
Ostrom: Not to brag, but we Deinonychus are pretty renowned for preying on Tenontosaurus.

Panel Three
Ostrom: Meaning I can probably get rid of this interloper myself!

Panel Four
Ostrom: Mind you, there is some doubt whether we actually hunted Tenontosaurus.
Ostrom: Maybe I should just borrow a mallet from Zahavi to stay on the safe side...

Panel Six
Savape: I saw you hesitating and decided to help you out.
Ostrom: Um... Thanks!

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