Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh, No...

Panel One
Remex: Hey, Ebeff, here's something you might want to see.

Panel Two
Remex: It's a maniraptor cladogram, based on the latest studies.

Panel Three
Ebeff: Nice, but I've been searching around on the Internet and found this...

Panel Four
Remex: Oh, no...

The phylogeny shown in the last panel is a combination of wacky fringe hypotheses and outdated info.


  1. you should make a rant on this

  2. Probably not worth it; how many people take seriously the idea that dinosaurs are not monophyletic? XD It's mostly a fringe hypothesis not endorsed by any professionals and doesn't even garner attention from the general public, and for the better.

    I might cover BAND/MANIAC sometime though.

  3. I am tired of people calling pterosaurs dinosaurs (major pet peeve.)

  4. True. Although I'm even more annoyed by the apparent inability to accept that birds are dinosaurs.