Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Introducing Remex the Caudipteryx zoui and Ebeff the Therizinosaurus cheloniformis.

Panel One
Remex: I've come to lodge a complaint.

Panel Two
Remex: This comic puts too much weight on eumaniraptors and none on other maniraptor groups.

Panel Three
Ostrom: Complaints like these go to the artist, not to us.

Panel Four
Remex: The artist has already agreed. We just need you out of the picture.

Panel Five
Remex: And if it's more persuasion you need...

Panel Six
Ostrom: Okay, we'll clear out for a few comics.
Remex: Great! 'Cause that's what fellow maniraptors should do, right?

So the next few comics will be nothing but Remex and Ebeff. But not before a very special presentation... next time!